Manufacturers are producing large-format designs that are exciting architects and interior designers. Porcelain Tile Formats Porcelain Tile Formats


Created with clay in a kiln-firing method very like ceramics, porcelain gets its design quality from digital printing technology that can replicate any surface, including; wood, leather, marble and metal. It’s even possible to take a photograph, email it to a manufacturer and have a custom tile digitally created!


However porcelain isn’t just about its design flexibility. Professionals give it high marks for sturdiness, maintenance and affordability. Robust as stone, good quality porcelain is resistant to scratches, dents, stains and moisture. It is hard-wearing enough to be used outside, as well as nearly anywhere in the home.


Porcelain tiles make it possible to continue your interior flooring to the outdoor living space. Porcelain tiles don’t need to be installed on to concrete; they can be laid directly on the ground or on pedestals. In addition, porcelain tiles are freeze-thaw stable and can tolerate salt / pressure washing.


If installed properly porcelain will last many years, but cracking and breakage are commonplace during installation.


The challenge is therefore to find a professional tiler;

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